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Proper preparation: outdoor design


We take a look at the importance of proper preparation when putting together your outdoor area

When you decide to build your pool and deck, you may not be prepared for the effort of construction before the reward of relaxation. The design, the build, the money and time invested, not to mention the various council approval processes. All of this can be frustrating when you are trying to create a sanctuary in which to unwind. Once it has been built, the stress of construction evolves into the burden of deck and pool maintenance. You can feel like you spend more time ensuring your deck looks presentable than relaxing on it.

The trick to minimising the burden is proper preparation. Good research and selection of your builder and products at the start of the project is the first step.
This beautiful pool and decking area that Knotwood built in the Caribbean is a fine example. The incredible space and high-quality finish are just as important as the outstanding installer it took to create this beautiful poolscape. Complete with matching Knotwood screens, the deck was built using Knotwood’s decking boards — a wood grain aluminium system that needs next to no maintenance and of course is strong, durable and comes with a genuine 15-year warranty.

This sort of project takes hard work to come together, but you can ease the burden by working smarter instead of harder. Pick a reputable installer; don’t go for cheap and nasty. Whatever you save in money, you’ll more than pay for with stress and problems. The same goes for the materials. Pick materials like Knotwood that look great, have low maintenance requirements and are made from strong and durable materials. That way you can spend time enjoying the poolside lifestyle you dreamed of instead of ironing out problems from the sub-standard building decisions.

By choosing the right materials and installer at the beginning of the project, you will eliminate unnecessary stress while maintaining a fine level of control over the finished product.

Building a beautiful poolscape isn’t easy, but it can be worth the work. Just make sure to work smart and not hard. To begin your research on the right foot, check out Knotwood’s full product range on its website. By choosing the right materials and installer at the beginning of your project, you’ll prevent a lot of the stress before it begins, and dramatically reduce the burden of ongoing maintenance once your beautiful poolscape is finished.

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Originally from Poolside magazine, Volume 46