Scenic Blue: Create the perfect natural walkway (video)

In this video, Chris Slaughter explains how to effectively trim your plants to create the perfect all-natural walkway


“OK, another thing you can do with bamboos as you can see through this pathway I’ve put on either side two ghost bamboos, as you walk through the lomandra tanikas, just kick them out the way – it just allows the path to be entered.”

“With the bamboos if you don’t look after them, to an extent, they will get very bushy from top to bottom. What I tend to do is actually start to take out the bits that are going to get in my walking area.”

“It’s quite simple – just get hold of your secateurs at the base and cut it off and it just takes it away from the eye zone and what you’re now doing is creating an archway through.”

“If you find (and you will find) that eventually this will get quite cluttered in bamboo cane, what you want to do is think about thinning out. It’s so easy, don’t be shy, get yourself a set of good old-fashioned loppers think of the way of thinning out bamboos will eventually become a mass take out a third of about of the spears as you go. Take (the loppers) to the base of the spear and take it clean out.”

“Don’t be shy, have fun, it just rejuvenates the area and gives you what you want – that oasis.”

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