Scenic Blue’s Kellyville Testimonial (video)

A Scenic Blue Design testimonial from some pleased clients in Kellyville

Harmony in the world of landscape design, construction and horticulture is understanding how these three elements interact.
A garden becomes a huge improvement to your lifestyle, family and friends to enjoy. It becomes your sanctuary. your hidden retreat.


“In winter time, the garden that we used to have used to die off and we used to sort of get cranky about having dead grass and the plants wouldn’t grow. So probably about five or six years ago, we decided to get someone in to have a look and do a design but the person we got seemed it was a little bit difficult.”

“We weren’t comfortable with them so we just left it and then probably three years after that, I saw an article in the paper and i rang up Chris and then he came out and i think that was probably about two years ago and instantly we were confident with him and comfortable and so he made it seem a lot easier than the previous guy so then we just went ahead with Chris and did the landscaping – that’s how it sort of all came about.”

“It’s exactly what we’re after – our brief with Chris was we wanted to be able to use outside rather than just sitting inside, so now with the end result we’re not spending as much time inside anymore. Now we have dinner out here, we have parties, we have people over all the time, so it’s exactly what we’re after.”

“I’d never imagined like having a water feature that flows into the pool and all that stuff, so that’s something that exceeded our expectation and so that’s one of the main benefits that we got; one of our favorite things in the garden.”

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