Garden sanctuary

Surrounding a 1915 home, this garden renovation harks back to simpler times, with lush greens and traditional decor


Aesthetically, this project references the traditional rambling cottage gardens seen in BBC period pieces and grandmother’s house alike. However, the principals behind this renovation are that of modern functionality – designed to be used throughout the year.

cremorne-garden-design-6ED3 cremorne-garden-design-2ED1

Levels have been used in the lawn sections in order to create interest and layers to the design. And the use of sandstone paving gives the garden that distinctive Australian look.


cremorne-garden-design-2ED2 cremorne-garden-design-2ED3

Bird baths and bird feeders not only give the garden that traditional old world look, but bring wildlife and birds to the garden, filling it with life.

cremorne-garden-design-3ED2 cremorne-garden-design-4ED1

Intimate planting and a soft colour palette contribute to creating a sweet cottage garden. The iron garden furniture suit this style perfectly.


cremorne-garden-design-4ED2 cremorne-garden-design-4ED3

cremorne-garden-design-6ED1 cremorne-garden-design-6ED2

Good Manors has used a fantastic approach to both creating a historically appealing garden that is functional for contemporary outdoor living and entertaining.

Written by Lauren Farquhar

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