Keep Your Cool and Stay in Control With AirTouch


Do you feel guilty every time you switch on the air conditioning? Worry about ballooning bills? Ever experience that niggling sense of culpability when thinking about your personal impact on the environment?

Ease your concerns and enjoy greater comfort, control and energy efficiency with AirTouch Smart Air Conditioning Controllers. Boosting the effectiveness of your home’s ducted air conditioner, user-friendly AirTouch controllers merge aesthetically pleasing touchscreen consoles with the latest in smart technology. Giving you smart app control over your home climate, AirTouch can also be activated using voice control with Smart Assistant integration. All you have to do is speak to Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa through your smartphone or speaker.

Enhancing air conditioning with superior control, the system helps provide the ultimate in convenience and comfort for homes with ducted units. For those with multiple ducted air conditioners, you can manage temperature and air flow with one AirTouch touchscreen that takes care of everything, rather than multiple controls taking up space on the wall. While it is possible to control the whole home from a single controller, larger homes may benefit from multiple touchscreens (such as one upstairs and one downstairs).

Boasting both beauty and brains, AirTouch also allows users to run their air conditioning when and where it’s needed via smart zoning. Zoning allows for different volumes of conditioned air in different areas of your home and lets you turn off air in areas you are not using. Zoning your new ducted air conditioning system will mean everyone can enjoy their own temperature and airflow, and you can save on energy and running costs by turning off the airflow for rooms not in use. “You wouldn’t have just one light switch for the entire house,” a representative from AirTouch explains. “We believe that your air conditioning shouldn’t be any different.”


The addition of runtime tracking and airflow management technology ensures maximum efficiency while reducing power bills. It really is a win-win! Cool down the house before you get home in summer, or warm it up before you wake up in winter and wonder how you ever lived without the sweet caress of an AirTouch.

Two models are available: the AirTouch 2+ and AirTouch 4. The AirTouch 4 comes with home temperature alerts so you’ll always come home to the perfect temperature. When no one is home, the app can send you a temperature alert if the home is getting too hot or cold, inviting you to turn on the air conditioning remotely. You can even turn off your system when you’re not home to make sure you don’t waste energy cooling or heating an empty building.

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