Style and Functionality in One Look


Sustainable Durability

If you’re looking for style and functionality in one, look no further than the Trespa Meteon exterior panels by Nover. The iconic Trespa brand has been supporting architects worldwide with durable products for exterior design. Trespa decorative panels are a welcome addition to Nover’s extensive range of functional hardware.

Style and Functionality

There’s a lot to love about Trespa Meteon. The material is a decorative high-pressure compact laminate, with an integral surface that is manufactured through the company’s exclusive Electron Beam Curing (EBC). The unique blend comprises up to 70 per cent natural fibres and thermosetting resins, ensuring every panel looks luxurious while lasting a lifetime.

The Trespa Meteon exterior panels are also designed to be weather-resistant, making them the perfect choice for outdoor alfresco kitchens that need to withstand the harsh Australian weather. Whether it’s scorching sunlight, heavy rain or dirt from gale winds, these exterior panels can handle it all. There’s a vast array of colour choices including Italian Greige, Athens White and Metropolis Black, so rest assured you’ll find the right aesthetic for your kitchen.

Style and Functionality

To top it off, Trespa comes with a 10-year external guarantee. With an attractive design and exceptional durability, the Trespa Meteon exterior panels are guaranteed to give your alfresco kitchen a modern and contemporary makeover.

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