Take control of your garden with a tap timer


Whether you’re looking to manage your garden during the day, evening or while away, a tap timer is the perfect tool to make your life easier

Is that something burning! Aaarrgh the cake — little Freddy’s birthday cake just got the all-too-common “I’m-gonna-burn-to-a-crisp-because-you’re-too-busy-living-a-hectic-life-to-check-the-oven” treatment.

Whether it’s checking on Freddy’s cake, or remembering to head into the garden to turn off the hose on your favourite patch of agapanthus, life can sometimes just get in the way. Did you really want a new lake in the backyard? It may be nice to kick back and watch little Freddy dog paddle around in the spot that was once your back lawn, as you crunch through a piece of what was supposed to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle mud cake. On the other hand, it may just be nice to have life under a little bit more control.

The folks at Pope can’t help you on the culinary side (although somewhat partial to mud cake), but there’s help at hand when it comes to bringing your garden watering under control.

As a brand with its roots in suburban Adelaide since 1925, Pope has been at the leading edge of a startling evolution in the world of tap timers. Life has never been easier in the garden, with a wide range of options available, from basic mechanical tap timers, which require you to be at home (with Freddy), right through to multiple outlet electronic options with several start times, allowing you to take Freddy on an overseas holiday as your tap timer goes to work and gives your garden a regular drink (sans lake).

Tap timers enable you to purchase a low cost alternative to a fully wired up and plumbed irrigation control system. These days, tap timers can actually add a splash of colour and style to your garden – just have a look at the six striking colours available in Pope’s Snapshot Timer range.

Spend just a few minutes setting up the watering cycle for the weeks ahead, and head back into the kitchen to make Freddy’s day.

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