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We go behind the scenes of this light-filled terrace, which was showcased on hit renovation show, The Block

You may have been wowed by the sprawling green wall or perhaps the outdoor entertaining/dining area. But opinions aside, it’s safe to say this South Yarra apartment block is now a greener place thanks to Inge Jabara Landscapes, taken on for the job by Northern Beaches couple Josh and Charlotte. The aesthetic of the space revolves around Scandinavian and Australian influences — think lashings of timber combined with warm

Having grown up around South Yarra, it was easy for me to design this space. It is minimal, however there’s a wow factor when you’re standing inside it
and soft furnishings.

The area serves as the formal entrance to the apartment, the goal being to create maximum impact that would set the standard for the rest of the home. “South Yarra demands a touch of luxury and we wanted to design this on a whole new level,” says Inge. “Having grown up around South Yarra, it was easy for me to design this space. It is minimal, however there’s a wow factor when you’re standing inside it.” A seven-metre blackbutt timber wall embodies the aforementioned “wow factor”.

Inge and her team encountered various challenges along the way, including being hit with tight and nearly impossible deadlines, unfinished walls, and the fact that their staircase (and access) was taken away on day two of the build. But despite being faced with never-ending hurdles, the team persevered with the green wall, erecting scaffolding to install an automatic watering system and ivy that will continue to grow and cascade down the timber. “At night there is romantic lighting and a glow that can be seen from all levels,” says Inge. “The cells that the plants are in will restrict their growth as there is only so much root room. I personally installed the irrigation system to make sure there would be no faults. As my client Josh said, ‘It’s The Block — there are always going to be challenges.’”

Equipped with a barbecue and wine fridge, sitting area and dining table, there’s plenty of space for outdoor entertaining in this terrace that flows on nicely to the entry foyer of the apartment. Prunus lusitanica, box hedges, oak leaf hydrangeas and grape vine create a harmonious feel in the outdoor space, the greenery balancing with all the modern amenities you’d expect in an up-market terrace.

“In this day and age apartments are getting smaller, however the green element is getting more vertical if we continue to make sure it is still a part of the project,” says Inge.

Awarded an impressive 28.5 out of 30 for the reveal, Josh and Charlotte’s terrace was only narrowly beaten by all stars Dea and Darren, who received the perfect score. The apartment eventually sold for $2.2 million, delivering a profit of $810,000.

It’s safe to say this stunning terrace played a big role in enticing buyers to pay the big bucks to live in a slice of South Yarra paradise.


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Photography by Tim Turner

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