year round pool

A Year-Round Heating Pool For Whenever You Fancy A Dip


Not only is this modern pool a superb-looking addition to a Melbourne Bayside property, it can also be used whenever its owners fancy a dip — rain, hail or shine

A pool’s design should work in unison with the home, so at times during the year when it’s not being used, the pool will still provide an atmosphere of relaxation. It should also be functional for the owners and offer a value-add to the property. With this design philosophy in mind, Swimmore Pools set to work to create a modern, rectangular, L-shaped pool that its Mordialloc clients could use, regardless of the Melbourne weather conditions with year-round heating.

year-round pool

“The homeowners wanted to have a clean transition from their entertaining area to the pool with a priority of maximising the waterline in the space we had available,” explains designer Amanda Hebdige of Swimmore Pools. Consideration also had to be given to the safety of existing structures such as their home, the large rear factory wall at their boundary, the challenges of a flood overlay, and permeability requirements. There was also very limited access to this 550sqm flat residential block via the side of the house. “Fortunately, the neighbours were very accommodating in allowing us access for excavation,” says Amanda.

For year-round heating, the 7.2m-long mosaic-tiled pool features a Theralux HeatPro 30kW inverter heat pump. Other fabulous user-friendly features are the Theralux Mineral Chlorinator, paired with a Quantum Purity water purifier. Quantum Purity uses hydroxyl radicals, a molecule found naturally in the body’s immune system, to safely remove bacteria, micro-organisms, pathogens and viruses in the water. This ensures natural, fresh water with no toxic by-products. And of course, the Spa Electrics multi-coloured niche lights create a dazzling display at night.

With more than 25 years of industry experience, Adam Moore has been operating his own pool plumbing business for most of this time and founded Swimmore Pools eight years ago.
Swimmore Pools constructs pools in all areas of Melbourne and the metropolitan area, as well as in the Bayside, Mornington Peninsula, South Eastern, Eastern and Gippsland regions of Victoria.

All of Swimmore’s pools are custom built to the client’s requirements. Adam is a hands-on builder in all areas of the project, still working on the tools and ensuring everything is
spot on. “We meet with our clients to find out
their needs, time frame and budget,” says Adam. “We then look for the best solution or design to meet their objectives. If they are comfortable with us and the solution we are providing, we look forward to the process of engineering their pool and working with them to bring their dream to life.”

Swimmore Pools is a licensed Paramount in-floor cleaning system dealer and has extensive knowledge and experience with hydraulics, cleaning systems and equipment, ensuring everything meets requirements. The company is a member of SPASA Australia and is a Registered Building Practitioner with VBA.


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