An Adelaide pool and spa with dazzling water views

An Adelaide pool and spa with dazzling water views


The placement of this exquisite Adelaide pool and spa, on a cliff-side looking over Gulf St Vincent, and its dazzling water views are key to its success

This fantastic infinity-edge pool was built completely out of the ground and has an array of exceptional features. Most important is the choice of location and the pool and spa’s placement, on a downward-sloping site on a cliff that looks out to Gulf St Vincent in the south of Adelaide.

“A lot of people want negative-edge or infinity-edge pools, but they choose to put them in unusual places where they’re not suited,” explains Dean Peterson, owner/operator of Synergy Pool and Spa. “Allowing an architect or pool builder/designer to help choose the best pool for your location is what steers clients towards an amazing finished product.”

As this skewed rectangle pool was built out of the ground, it had to be formed mostly from core-filled concrete blocks. The pool was then sprayed in two sections. Due to the angle and elevation of the site, the pool had to be raised out of the ground using more than 40m³ of concrete. In total, approximately 80m³ of concrete features in the pool.

The 9m-long pool also uses a new innovative heating system on the roof of the house called Tractile. Water is recirculated into a tank where the pool water goes through a heat exchange, cooling the tank water and absorbing heat from the photovoltaic solar system. This keeps the pool water at a comfortable 30 degrees for the majority of the year, while the heat pump and gas heater then fill in any gaps in the cooler months. . The AstralPool Equilibrium AI system uses a viarable speed pump which enables huge energy savings and keeps the pool running as efficiently as possible.

Synergy Pool and Spa believes that owning a swimming pool should be a pleasant experience. With more than 10 years of pool construction and maintenance experience, owner/operator Dean Peterson offers a range of services for your existing pool or new project. These include building new concrete pools, new fiberglass pools, renovations and project management.

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