This pool makeover is the ultimate functional design statement


It’s hard to believe this was once an old pool but is now a striking design statement that livens up this courtyard and is also perfect for swimming

Artesian Pools was presented with an old existing pool in Sydney’s eastern suburbs that had been filled in. Now its owner wanted to breathe new life into it and use it for both swimming and as a design feature of the courtyard. Artesian Pools was required to use a very small space, approximately 3m wide, to create the rectangular lap pool.

“This 7.4m-long pool makes great use of a very limited space with difficult access and gives the homeowner a functional pool which, at the same time, is a feature of the house from every level and the cabana above the garage,” says Zeb Rodrigues, director of Artesian Pools. “However, during its planning, the depth of the existing pool was not known and details could not be confirmed until the hand-excavation was done.”

The exquisite glass mosaic-tiled pool, designed by the homeowner and Rory Brooks Architects, blends new contemporary materials such as steel and frameless glass while preserving the traditional features of the existing house, such as water spouts and stone walls.

The finished project is a perfect example of the exceptional work that Artesian Pools is capable of and produces time and time again. “Concrete pools allow you to design something specific to suit each site,” says Zeb. “We are able to build pools in any space regardless of size, access or landscape difficulty.”

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