Building with pride: Pool renovation

A renovation project with a perfect result

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David Wylie and Brian Formosa of Design Pools undertook an extensive renovation project for clients who complained of their pool having extensive structural problems.

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About a decade old, the pool was literally breaking in half and the team from Design Pools stepped in to repair the structural damage and ensure the pool is ready for use for many years to come.

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To add a newer, contemporary look to the large outdoor area surrounding the pool, Design Pools also created a stunning water feature, tiled and granite planter boxes and an outdoor living cabana.

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The team at Design Pools can construct more than just pools. As qualified builders, David and Brian can take on any job, big or small, including the construction of new pools and cabanas, new homes and house and pool renovations.

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With a company philosophy of “build with pride”, Design Pools guarantees its work and offers a full service from the first consultation with a prospective client, to the handover at the end of a project.

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Design Pools also supplies and fixes all pool filtration, equipment and heating systems. Design Pools — a complete service, each and every time.

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Project details:
Pool renovated by Design Pools

Originally from Poolside magazine Volume 33

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