Three unusual pool designs


Originality is valued highly in designs – and at completehome we love seeing new and unusual pool designs. Here’s a favourite three:

Roman baths

Roman bath style pool

This pool mixes indoor and outdoor pools together with the design aesthetic of Ancient Roman baths.The results are fantastic – a pool where you can easily enjoy the sunlight but be shielded from cool winds. And all in ancient levels of luxury.

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Stepping stones

Pool with unique step feature

This pool was designed to fit into a small, narrow space. It’s creative use of space has taken it to the next level. Incorporating a spa, and separating it with the stepping stone design, this pool creates a fantastic and functional style. We also love the materials used –  black pebble with a sapphire-blue glass bead interior and granite coping in the surrounds, all giving it an iridescent quality.

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A bridge too far

Pool with very cool bridge feature

This pool uses the ground floor of the home perfectly meshing together the indoors and outdoors perfectly. Connecting it all is a clear glass bridge, crossing the centre of the simply design pool, and opening up the area to the outer entertaining space. Simplicity meets clever ideas.

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Written by Lauren Farquhar

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