Clever Automation: leaving your pool in capable hands

The Internet of Pools is here to stay, with AstralPool’s clever pool automation app

This innovative concept, developed by Astralpool Australia, is based on the application of the Internet of Things to the Pool and Spa Industry and, thanks to its versatility and ease of use, it is only a matter of time before it completely transforms the daily management of aquatic facilities.

Clever Automation: leaving your pool in capable hands

The Connect My Pool app, in conjunction with Astralpool’s Viron Connect unit, ensures that the pool is in perfect condition as it is able to control all of the pool settings: temperature, pH level, and filtration, as well as, automatic cleaners, water features, garden lighting, sprinkler system and entertainment system. Pool owners can monitor and control their pools at all times from the mobile app.

Owners can now totally control their pools from a touch screen at home or from their mobile smartphones or tablet wherever they happen to be. The different pool settings can be programmed from the app in real time.

The Virtual Pool Care platform is a unique “real time” 24/7 monitoring system that gives you peace of mind knowing your pool is being looked after remotely by your local pool shop professional without you having to lift a finger! Live data is streamed directly from your linked pool system to your chosen pool shop professional, allowing them to monitor it, and even make adjustments, to ensure it is clean, healthy, and safe for the whole family to swim in. Email notifications are sent to the pool shop to alert them if your pool system needs attention.

When paired with a Connect unit and Internet Gateway, you will get peace of mind knowing your pool is being monitored remotely, around the clock, by your local pool shop professional.

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