Keeping your pool clean with a chlorinator

The innovative way to maintain your pool water

While it’s important to have a beautiful-looking pool, the safety of the pool’s chemical balance is equally essential. For pool owners, a poolside lifestyle should be about relaxing and enjoying their poolscape without constantly worrying about maintenance and pool safety.

At the pinnacle of advanced pool technology, the new Viron eQ consistently and accurately measures pool chemical levels, adjusting the outputs as needed. This is the latest product from award-winning company AstralPool Australia — a leader in the national pool and spa equipment industry since 1990.

The Viron eQ chlorinator provides pool owners with peace of mind that their pool water is continuously monitored and maintained to ensure healthy and safe swimming water. Its revolutionary inbuilt functions virtually eliminate the need to handle potentially dangerous chemicals while still ensuring water purity and cleanliness.

The vast majority of swimming pools in Australia are salt or mineral based. Traditionally, this has been the easiest way to sanitise your pool. The problem with standard salt chlorinators is that they produce unnecessarily high amounts of chemicals. However, the Viron eQ has settings designed to limit excess chlorine and acid to reduce the pool’s chemical footprint.

The Viron eQ chlorinator is designed and produced by AstralPool Australia at the company’s Melbourne manufacturing facility. Designed for the tough Australian conditions, this product is backed by the extensive network of AstralPool installers that can ensure correct operation and follow-up service.

The clever design of the Viron eQ chlorinator takes into account that the majority of pool equipment is stored outside in harsh conditions. The outer casing and LCD screen are all UV-rated to ensure longevity. In fact, the Viron eQ chlorinator comes with a limited five-year warranty, which is the highest in the industry.

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Originally in Poolside, Volume 46

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