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Originating from the UK with a multitude of qualifications including a Bachelor of Arts, Masters in Architecture, and an Open Builder’s License, Sarah Waller’s passion for architecture and design is all-encompassing — especially when it comes to swimming pools.

“When I was growing up in the UK, nobody had a pool. And while they’re commonplace in Australia, I still see them as a luxury,” she says. “Consequently, I put a lot of time designing the pool to ensure it flows with the overall build and is a cohesive part of the house.”

Revered for her dramatic, jaw-dropping resort-style projects, the multi-award-winning architect recently designed her dream home in Queensland’s Noosa hinterland that includes a stunning 79.86 square metre, fully tiled swimming pool.

“Two distinct pavilions are linked by a magnificent glass bridge, with the pool being at the centre of the design and all of the spaces looking onto it and through to the water beyond,” she explains.

An oxygen-enriched, freshwater swimming experience

An oxygen-enriched, freshwater swimming experience

Known for embracing new technologies, Waller opted for Waterco’s Oxiswim to maintain crystal-clear conditions. A revolutionary breakthrough in water treatment, the dual-sanitisation system combines Perox sanitisers and Perox Safe & Clear to produce a freshwater swimming experience

“Hydrogen peroxide and chlorine dioxide are scientifically proven to sanitise water far more effectively than chlorine alone,” explains Oxiswim inventor Nick Briscoe. “The combined power of these two sanitisers provides an oxygen-rich environment that is exceptionally efficient in neutralising pathogens.”

Oxiswim is not only ideal for swimmers with sensitive skin due to its low chlorine levels but also provides pool owners with a dual sanitisation solution with a simple flick of a switch.

“We’ll use the freshwater option during the peak swimming season and switch over to the chlorine option in the colder months to reduce off-season costs,” she says.

Control over costs and ongoing maintenance

Control over costs and ongoing maintenance

Oxiswim combines the most practical ways to sanitise swimming pools, giving pool owners the ultimate control. This revolutionary system produces two different yet highly effective options — and brings a number of cost, convenience, and health-related benefits.


  • Inbuilt pH dosing pump perfectly balances pool water
  • Compatible with new or existing pools
  • Low maintenance technology in a simple package
  • Less corrosive to pool equipment and surrounds
  • Easily switch between chlorine and freshwater experience
  • Easy to use; runs with minimal guidance
  • Can be retrofitted to an existing saltwater chlorinated pool


  • Mineral-rich blend creates silky swimming conditions
  • Gentle formulation has virtually no taste or smell
  • Soothes common sensitive skin ailments
  • Provides relief to muscular inflammation and fatigue
  • Prevents common side effects associated with chlorinated pools, including red eyes and dry, itchy skin
  • Freshwater mode produces an asthma-friendly option
  • Can be used in combination with Waterco’s Mineral Crystals or Mineral Vitale range

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