All play, no work: In-floor cleaning systems


In-floor cleaning systems will save you time while lowering energy and maintenance costs

Waterco’s new Blue Square Q360 in-floor pool cleaning system works even while someone is swimming – ensuring it’s all play and no work for owners! Fully automatic, the Q360 cleaning system is equipped to handle high debris levels and ensure less algae growth, better heat and chemical dissipation by circulating water through the pool, further reducing associated costs.

“This is an in-floor cleaning system which has been aerospace engineered to provide an effective and efficient clean of the whole pool,” says Adam Shelley from Waterco. “It’s designed for maximum flow rate and to enhance circulation and evenly distribute water, which is great for heated pools in cool climates. Not only that, overall energy savings are enhanced.”

In-floor cleaning systems are individually designed as every pool is a different shape and size. However all Blue Square Q360 systems include 360° 14-point rotation in-floor mounted cleaning jets, which ensure evenly distributed cleaning power and increased circulation of pool water. These cleaning jets are available in five colours while replacement heads are easy to remove and install.

How it works

The in-floor pool cleaning system is made up of a series of heads which pop up in the floor and steps of the pool. The system is designed prior to the swimming pool being constructed or manufactured, depending on the design of the pool.

The purpose of the heads is to drive dirt and debris towards a drain point in the floor of the pool, usually located at the deep end. Once the dirt is removed from the drain point by the pump, it passes into the filtration system where it becomes trapped.

Every in-floor cleaning system is designed individually to suit the unique shape of the pool. In leafy pools, the cleaning system features an additional primary straining point to catch leaves before the filtration system, freeing up the skimmer box and allowing leaves to be skimmed from the surface. The system also helps distribute chemicals around the pool and circulate heat.

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