Beau Corp uses Sukabumi pool tiles to create aquatic paradise


Brisbane pool builder Beau Corp Aquatics & Construction has used Sukabumi pool tiles to create an aquatic masterpiece

Sukabumi stone is a quartzite stone that reflects beautiful green tones which vary slightly on each piece. These characteristics make Sukabumi pool tiles the perfect addition to any pool to give it that sought-after emerald and jade green hue. Featuring a submerged bench, the pool is perfect for relaxing with family or friends.

The Sukabumi pool tiles used by Beau Corp are non-slip and highly durable, greatly reducing the pool’s maintenance costs for the owner. An E25 Salt Chlorinator and a Viron Active Glass Media filtration system from AstralPool lower running costs which means that the clients can spend less time attending to the pool and more time enjoying it. The recycled glass crystals favoured by the Viron Active Glass Media system reduce the risk of bacteria build-up when compared with a sand-based system.

Positioned in the far-right corner of the block, the eight metre x four metre pool is surrounded by a lush lawn and granite pathway. The clients wished to utilise every inch of available space, and Beau Corp promised to deliver with a tailor-made cabana and frameless glass fence surrounding the pool opening up the space and allowing uninterrupted garden views.

The landscaping of the pool area was also completed by Beau Corp and designed to complement the pool and cabana. Conifers placed around the perimiter help to conceal the border fence and provide the perfect sanctuary to escape to.

Echoing the colour scheme of the home, the white cabana, the aquamarine hue of the water, and the exquisite granite paving combine to create a luxury resort aesthetic while remaining sophisticated and understated.

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