Modest pool with so many opportunities


While smaller than the pre-existing pool, the new pool on this property is a feature in itself while still complementing the architecture and surrounds. The pool uses the client’s existing system and GOODMANORS pools + gardens was able to use one of the walls of the pool to make the entertaining space larger

The clients came to GOODMANORS pools + gardens with the idea of creating a multifunction space that would be great for both entertaining and growing some herbs and vegetables, and still include a pool for the kids. The product looks much like a tropical paradise, with the spotted gum timbre decking, the blue of the pool and the green of the surrounding garden all complementing each other while remaining strikingly different at the same time.

The new pool was designed to provide a seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor structures. Before construction, GOODMANORS pools + gardens met with the clients to discuss the site and design, afterwards producing 3D hand-rendered sketches to give the client a clear understanding of what their outdoor area will look like.

Not only does this pool look stunning, it manages to be environmentally friendly as well. The spotted gum decking is locally sourced and the plants included in the garden landscaping incorporate native screen plants such as Acmena smithii ‘Sublime’. On top of this, the reuse of the clients’ existing pool equipment and lighting not only limits wasted resources, but also reduces the cost of the project.

The pool is used more as a plunge pool and is the perfect size for children to play in the water while adults watch from the outdoor entertaining area. The underwater bench provides a relaxing space for the parents to have some quiet time in the shade of the overhanging alpinias.

Now reduced in size, the pool fits better with the proportion of the house and the incorporation of the split-level decking. A much larger entertaining space has also been created without the usability of the pool itself being reduced. By selecting the right materials, GOODMANORS pools + gardens has managed to maximise the decadent aesthetics of this superb design.

With the company celebrating more than 25 years in the pool and landscape design and construction business, it’s no wonder excellent design work and ethics permeate everything it does. Founded by Raoul van de Laak and Ron Berkelmans, GOODMANORS pools + gardens specialises in the design and complete construction of pool and garden projects, including pool renovations and garden maintenance. Servicing the Sydney area, the team will walk you through the entire process — from a site consultation and presenting you with a concept development and detailed construction to DA submission if required.


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Originally from Poolside magazine, Volume 43

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