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These fencing and walling products by Foamfast provide a modern look and a long-lasting result

Realising it would take some time to complete their planned home renovations, Anna and her husband, owners of this Adelaide property, decided to start the transformation process with a new front fence.

“The first issue we needed to tackle was the massive street frontage. There was no privacy from those walking or driving past, which meant the large space at the front of our house was of no value to our family,” says Anna.

But privacy wasn’t the only issue. With three young kids and a dog to protect, ensuring the property was secure was vital. “After conducting our research, we decided on a product from Foamfast, a company that has been in the marketplace for more than 10 years,” says Anna. “Foamfast specialises in fencing solutions and offers a product that is made of an expanded polystyrene core reinforced with fibreglass mesh. The material is durable and provides the same look as a traditional rendered-brick fence.

“From the minute Foamfast installed the fence, we were able to create an area for the dogs and an area for the kids and their sports. We then went a step further and used Foamfast cladding on our existing neighbour fence.”

Foamfast offer direct DIY assistance for all projects.


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Originally from Backyard and Garden Design Ideas magazine, Volume 12 Issue 2

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