Pool project: stylising with an interior finish


Enhance the look of your pool with an interior finish

The pool is one of the most visually distinctive features of your outdoor area and when building one it is important to make sure every detail is perfect as to your desire.

For one client, a rich blue finish for their pool was of a high priority and Designerite was only happy to oblige.

A customized version of the Capri colour from Designerite’s Islands range was used, with Aqua glass and an increase of blue glass added to the mix to ensure the pool had a richer blue colour once filled.

There are numerous advantages, and no disadvantages, to choosing a high quality interior finish for your pool, as evident with Designerite’s extensive range, such as the Designer Beadcrete “Crystal” range. The smooth finish of the Crystal range is not jagged or sharp, meaning swimming is all the safer for children, and it is ecologically sustainable, being made of one third recycled products.

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