Pool project: Winning style

Pool project: Winning style
Pool project: Winning style
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Seamless transition from pool to landscaped surrounds. 

Designed and built by Out From The Blue, this pool won an award for Best Residential Pool Over $100,000 in the 2006 SPASA Awards. The brief was to create a wet edge that would wrap the pool from one end to the other, give the impression of a suspended body of water and create a horizon line that leads the eye into the vegetation beyond.


The pool pavilion was sited on the pool shell and wet edge so that it too appears to float. This pavilion is separated from the pool by a mini “moat”, signalling the transition from the more public arena of the pool to the more private environs of the modern shade structure.

The pavilion is both practical and pleasing to the eye. It provides seating for a large number of people, offers views of surrounding greenery through openings cut into the walls and contains an outdoor shower at the end of the longest side wall. A small rectangle of lawn breaks up the expanses of paving and helps to connect the pool to the large area of lawn and established plantings that can be seen beyond the wet-edge side of the pool. The spacious spa has been positioned to take in the view of the wet edge and the clean angular styling of the pavilion.

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