Save water and energy in your pool with these simple steps

These simple tips and tricks will help you save water and energy in your pool and are easier than you think

Save water and energy in your pool with these simple steps

Save Energy

There are many things you can do to reduce the running cost of your pool. A top tip is to replace your single speed pool pump with a multi (or variable) speed pump, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars a year.

Unlike conventional pumps that are limited to one set high flow rate speed, Waterco’s Hydrostorm ECOV pump is equipped with a variable speed motor which allows pool owners to set the pump at a low, energy-saving flow rate for everyday filtration. Plus your pool’s filtration efficiency also improves at lower flow rates.

Ask your local Swimart to correctly size the right variable speed pump to suit your pool’s requirements.

Other energy saving tips:

  • Replace your pool lights : Replacing halogen lights with Waterco’s Britestream LED pool lights will also help reduce costs – they can use up to 85% less power than a standard halogen globe.
  • Install a pool cover: By fitting a pool cover you can minimise heat loss – thus saving up to 50% on heating costs.
  • Reduce pump run times in winter / colder months when the chemical demand of the pool is lower and not as much chlorination is required.
  • Use a robotic cleaner in combination with a variable speed pump : Suction cleaners require the pool pump to operate at medium speed and they also impede the turnover of the pool. Conversely, a robotic cleaner is self-powered and doesn’t need the suction power of the filtration pump, which means the pool skimmer is left free to skim the surface of the pool while the robotic cleaner cleans the bottom of the pool.

Save Water

The main source of pool water usage is water evaporation. In summer, an average pool can lose up to 2.5cm of water a week, which adds up over time to a considerable amount of water waste. Pool covers are a simple yet highly effective solution to retaining precious water. Using a pool cover can prevent evaporation by up to 97 per cent.

In addition to pool covers, evaporation can be reduced in a number of other ways, such as adding a windbreak like trees, shrubs or a fence. You also don’t want the windbreak to shade the pool from the sun, which helps to heat it.

Other water saving tips:

  • Backwash only when necessary : Backwash the filter only when necessary and preferably when the pool water level is high, and reduce the need for water topups of the pool
  • Minimise the use of fountains and waterfalls to reduce water loss Install MultiCyclone pre-filtration device to minimise a sand filter’s backwash frequency, saving of up to 7,000 litres of water per year for an average domestic swimming pool.
  • Replace your filter media. If your filter media is old, you may be backwashing it frequently, look at replacing the filter media with a more water efficient media like Waterco’s Glass Pearls.
  • Check the plumbing around valves and pipe joiners for leaks, especially in older pools

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