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Senator Pools is committed to catering to each and every clients desire for their dream pool setup. This means working closely with clients so as to bring their idea to life.

With this specific project the client requested that their pool & spa is both quirky and elegant. Senator Pools was able to cater to this and make it possible thanks to a number of design opportunities due to the elevation and slope of the backyard.

Senator pools was able to elevate the pool above ground level – giving it a sense of place within the courtyard and house. This positioning was especially important due to the client requesting that “It’s to be the centerpiece of our rear courtyard”.

The combination of spa, pool and balance tank, provides for a cascade of water over all three elements drawing attention to the wonderful design. This was made more apparent by the use of glazing so as to highlight each of the three design elements.

Two rolling lounges take prime position within the spa. These contoured lounges are cast within the construction of the spa and finished with the select Ezzari tile. Our clients were asked to sit on the lounges prior to tiling to ensure we had captured the required contour. Gas heating and automation complete the delivery of the pool and spa.

Our clients enjoyed an active role throughout the design phase, from the initial concepts through to works commencing on site. This interaction with our clients is paramount in creating the desired outcome for their outdoor living space.

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