MagnaPool mineral science therapy

Mineral Science Therapy is the absorption of Magnesium Chloride through the skin. This transdermal method can have a powerful affect in assisting the body to build and store optimal levels of Magnesium, and in turn promote a healthy wellbeing.

Two forms of Magnesium are in MagnaPool mineral water

Magnesium Chloride found in MagnaPool™ minerals are derived from the ocean. This form of Magnesium has been found to have extremely beneficial properties in assisting your internal health, as well as balancing your mind and body.

Magnesium Chloride can assist in detoxing the body, reducing aches and pains, relieving stress and anxiety and providing the muscles with energy.  Magnesium is responsible for over 300 crucial enzyme reactions and cellular processes in our body.

The MagnaPool™ Hydroxinator produces Magnesium Hydroxide – this form of Magnesium is known to be gentle on sensitive skin and other problem skin conditions; this is also known as Milk of Magnesia. Magnesium has the ability to work like a magnet on your skin, helping to detoxify the skin and body of impurities and to reduce pore size, ultimately leaving your skin feeling soft, radiant and smooth.


65% of the world is deficient in Magnesium

  • Studies have proven that absorbing Magnesium Chloride through the skin (transdermally) is one of the most effective ways for the body to maintain healthy levels of this important mineral.
  • Magnesium is responsible for over 300 crucial enzyme reactions and cellular processes in the body.
  • Magnesium can support detoxification, reduce stress and anxiety, help to alleviate aches and assist with a healthy sleep cycle.
  • Magnesium promotes energy and well-being.
  • Magnesium can soften and encourage healthy skin.
  • Magnesium shields our cells from heavy metals such as aluminium, lead and mercury.


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