Portable MultiCyclone Ultra Vac Reduces Pool Maintenance and Costly Downtime


Mobile, multifunctional, easy to operate and engineered to last, Waterco’s MultiCyclone Ultra Vac is the perfect cleaning station that helps keep your swimming pool and water features clean and healthy whilst saving time, water and energy.

This self-contained filtration system design within the Ultra Vac features large wheels that make it easy to navigate steps and uneven surfaces while sturdy structural steel tubing is powder-coated to withstand the elements.

“Streamlining filtration equipment in one portable unit simplifies the set-up process, so you’re less likely to put off cleaning your pool,” explains Waterco group marketing director Bryan Goh.

Featuring two of Waterco’s best-selling products – MultiCyclone filter and Supastream pump – Ultra Vac is easy to transport around your property and manoeuvre around the pool deck.

“Designed with no moving parts to wear and tear and no filter media to clean or replace, MultiCyclone’s dual phase technology removes up to 80 per cent of the incoming dirt load before it even reaches the cartridge filter,” explains Goh.

Waterco’s Ultra Vac is really easy to clean – you simply open the purge valve to release the sediment. “Only 15 litres of water are discharged, saving precious time and water,” he adds.

Special features of Waterco’s MultiCyclone Ultra Vac include:

  • Award-winning, energy efficient Multicyclone technology
  • Supastream self-priming pump
  • Integrated pleated filter cartridge
  • Extended filter cleaning cycles and increased filter cartridge life span
  • Powder-coated structural steel trolley with large wheels for easy manoeuvrability
  • Built-in shelf and safety protection

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