A Sanitisation System for those with Sensitive Skin


An Aussie dad creates a world-first hybrid pool sanitisation system

Queensland father Nick Briscoe still remembers the pain of seeing his then young son develop eczema and breathing problems while swimming in the family’s heavily chlorinated pool. At that time, there were no alternatives to chlorine and bromine, let alone a gentler solution for those with sensitive skin conditions. Inspired to create a healthier substitute, Nick developed Hydroxypure, a water sanitisation system that produces clean, clear, non-toxic water without chlorine.

“Seeing the delight on Dalton’s face as he finally swam, for as long as he wanted, in beautifully pure water, which left barely a trace on his skin and lungs, was an incredible feeling,” recalls Nick. “In fact, we noticed that his skin condition even seemed to improve after he’d been swimming in Hydroxypure water.”

In the intervening years since Hydroxypure was invented, Nick and Waterco Ltd — a global pool equipment and water treatment manufacturer — have pioneered a revolutionary system that is more flexible, affordable and easy to use. Oxiswim is a multi-mode water sanitisation solution for domestic swimming pools that incorporates ground-breaking technology in the shape of the Hydroxyl Radical Generator and chlorine dioxide. “This is a hybrid system that moves from chlorine to hydrogen peroxide in combination with the Advanced Oxidation Process,” explains Nick. “There are several options available that give consumers ultimate control over costs and ongoing maintenance of their swimming pool or spa. Essentially, we’ve minimised the amount of hardware while harnessing various sanitisers from one system, which is a world first.”

Oxygen-enriched freshwater

Despite a shared name, chlorine and chlorine dioxide are actually two distinctly different chemicals. Chlorine, in its many forms, is a trusted, heavy-duty and effective water sanitiser. However, it is well documented that chlorine side effects include skin, eye and respiratory irritations.

“Chlorine dioxide, on the other hand, is an oxidising agent globally recognised as a highly effective water sanitiser with minimal by-products,” explains Nick. “It breaks down into a salt, a natural mineral with virtually no side-effects. While chlorine dioxide is not chlorine, it is incredibly effective in eliminating viruses, bacteria, biofilm and parasites, including cryptosporidium.”

A unique freshwater sensation, hydrogen peroxide and chlorine dioxide are proven to sanitise water far more effectively than chlorine alone. Yet they also transform the quality of the water, along with the entire bathing experience. Where other sanitisation systems may use one or a combination of two sanitisers, Oxiswim makes the best use of several different sanitisers to create a unique experience for swimmers.

“This world-first technology combines the use of electrolysis with hydrogen peroxide to form a bacterial-killing weapon,” he says. “The combined power of two sanitisers provides an oxygen-rich swimming environment that is exceptionally efficient in neutralising pathogens. Additionally, it’s a dual system, which means you can flip it in winter to a salt chlorinated pool.”

Oxiswim’s flexible design helps reduce operating and maintenance costs for when you’re not using the pool regularly or you’re away on holiday. “During the off-season, for example, switching over to Oxiswim sanitiser significantly reduces chemical costs,” says Nick. “Running alternative sanitisers from time to time also prevents pathogens building resistance to the sanitiser used most often in the pool.”

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