Shimmer and sparkle: the perfect pool finish

Shimmer and sparkle: the perfect pool finish


Not only is this interior pool finish durable, it also creates a spectacular diamond-like clarity

Imagine your swimming pool shimmering with the sparkle of a thousand flawless diamonds, adding elegance to your pool and surrounding area. For style, quality and entertainment value, it’s hard to go past the enduring beauty of Designer Beadcrete.

With its patented glass bead technology, Designer Beadcrete adds a diamond-like shimmer and clarity to pool water. Designer Beadcrete contains a mixture of coloured irregular glass spheres and clear glass spheres. These are embedded in a unique cement mix that contains a number of patented additives. The result is a pool interior of absolute durability, which reflects sun and artificial light throughout the water, bringing a spectacular and elegant look to any concrete shell pool. Whether a pool is recently built or has become old and tired and could use a much-needed facelift, Designer Beadcrete the perfect pool finish for any design.

The options will satisfy customers with young families or grandchildren, and those who are happy with standard pool aesthetics but want durability, performance and safety. Designer Beadcrete’s softness and smoothness will leave you without the worry of bleeding fingers and toes often associated with standard pebble pool finishes. Instead, enjoy a relaxing carefree swim.

Designer Beadcrete is easily installed by an experienced pool interior applicator and suited to any concrete pool or spa, regardless of shape or size. When manufactured in pre-mixed bags, Designer Beadcrete patented pool interiors come with a seven-year written materials warranty for residential use. Commercial warranties are also available on a project-specific basis. Quality assurance includes testing by the University of New South Wales (UNSW) for durability and performance, with proper installation in compliance with the Designer Beadcrete specifications.

Designerite, the Australian supplier of Designer Beadcrete, also provides a wide range of pool-interior supplies and caters for builders and applicators who prefer to mix their own materials on-site. Coloured and clear-glass beads; Sky Pebble; white and off-white cement; and finishing tools are available through Designerite outlets and distributors. Designer Beadcrete also has a brand-new, 100 per cent glass-bead range, the Crystal range, to complement its existing Islands range. The new Crystal range has many years of development behind it and is believed to be the only patented, 100 per cent glass interior on the market and creates a pool finish with quality, elegance and durability.

The Designer Beadcrete Crystal range will satisfy all pool owners’ dreams.

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