Start of summer pool checklist

Unless you have a heated pool and swim all year round, most pool owners will need to get their pool ready for swimming at the start of the season. Here is a simple check list to help you get started:


1. Conduct a thorough check of your pool fence to ensure it is in good repair, the gate locks automatically and there are no plants, chairs or tables around that children could use as footholds.

2. Ensure the water level in your pool is half way up the skimmer box. If the water level is too high the skimming action won’t occur.

3. Clean the pump and skimmer baskets.

4. Brush the walls, steps and swim outs. Use a preventative long life algaecide such as Zodiac’s Long Life Algaecide. If you think you have an Algae problem speak to your Pool Professional for advice on the correct treatment.

5. Backwash the sand filter or clean the cartridge(s) in your cartridge filter. Use Zodiac’s Filter Cleaner to remove grime, oil and organic build up.

6. Increase the filtration time, if necessary. Your goal should be to turn-over the water completely in a day.

7. Check your salt chlorinator cell for calcium deposits and ensure it is operating correctly.

8. Run the pump for at least 10 minutes. Take a sample of water 300ml below the water line using a sample jar/bottle. Ensure you use a jar/bottle free of contaminants – don’t use a tomato paste jar/cola bottle, it might
look clean but it may have acidic residue which can greatly affect the results of the water test.

9. Test the water or take it to your pool professional.

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