Survival guide for your saltwater pool surround


Permanently protect your saltwater pool surround with a deep-penetrating sealer

The perfect pool surround requires almost perfect chemistry. It’s about having a beautiful look, a soft feel underfoot and a safe surface that remains slip-resistant when wet. The most suitable surfaces are softer, natural stones, concrete or terracotta paving, brick etc. But these are often also the most porous, readily absorbing liquids that can stain or damage the paving.

Food and beverages are the obvious enemies. When oils are absorbed into the paving, the marks can be hard to clean, sometimes becoming permanent. Water can be an even more serious problem. Rainwater and groundwater are full of dissolved minerals that can mark, clog and even break up a porous surface. Water from saltwater pools can be especially damaging, causing salt efflorescence and rapid deterioration of softer materials if not properly treated.

Dry-Treat, an Australian company, is a world leader in impregnating sealer technology. Dry-Treat’s impregnating sealers provide a unique level of permanent protection over traditional topical (coating) sealers. “Our success continues to grow because of our Dry-Treat difference,” says Dry-Treat’s General Sales Manager, Gabriel Chapman. “Our impregnating sealers penetrate much deeper and our special water- and oil-repelling molecules actually bond permanently inside the treated material, so you get a very deep and long-lasting barrier of protection.”

Dry-Treat’s deep water- and oil-repellent barrier maintains good-looking surfaces by keeping spills on the surface where they are easier to clean and retarding moss and mildew growth. Water from the pool carries damaging salts, which can be absorbed from underneath or from the edges of pavers, but it’s kept well away from the visible surfaces treated by Dry-Treat. Also, because the product’s impregnating sealers work from within the pores, there’s no significant change to the slip-resistance of the treated surface when wet.

Dry-Treat’s flagship sealer STAIN-PROOF Original™ is easy for homeowners to apply. STAIN-PROOF Original™ is also backed by a written 15-year performance warranty when applied by an accredited applicator.

For an enhanced surface seal, DRY-TREAT 40SK™ is particularly useful for dip-sealing softer stone coping around saltwater pools, followed by an application of STAIN-PROOF Original™. DRY-TREAT 40SK™ makes the stone significantly stronger and also repels water and salt. To bring out the natural patina of the surface and to help hide scratches and imperfections, Dry-Treat also produces ENHANCE-PLUS™, which enriches the colour of natural stone and provides resistance to acid etching.

Dry-Treat will keep your paving and pool surrounds looking great for many years.

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Originally from Poolside magazine, Volume 40

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