4 locations you might not have considered for a wet area

Whether you buy a new or an old home, there will come a time when you decide to renovate. Whether it’s to add your own touch, extend or convert an existing space, home renovation is something of an Australian pastime. Two areas that homeowners frequently update are the kitchen and the bathroom. But a wet area renovation can be easier than you think

These high use, high traffic areas see a lot of wear and tear, and can age more quickly. They are also the areas that homeowners tend to splurge a little more on, with a recent study showing that the average spend for a bathroom renovation in Australia is $17,779*. When high costs are involved, you want to make sure that you are creating exactly what you want. There’s nothing worse than compromising on your dream project and resenting the area you do have as this will most likely result in another renovation sooner rather than later, and incur additional costs.

Instead, before you begin your renovations, sit down, note everything that your dream bathroom, kitchen or laundry would include and where it would be located, then see if everything will be possible. You might be surprised by what can actually be achieved with wet area renovations, especially when it comes to location. Below are 4 locations that you might not have considered for a kitchen or bathroom, and how they are actually achievable.

4 locations you might not have considered for a wet area

1. The basement guest retreat

4 locations you might not have considered for a wet area

A basement guest retreat with a kitchenette and ensuite can be a great addition to your home if you need additional space for guests or a growing family. A complete basement guest space including all necessary plumbed amenities is possible, even if your chose location is below the sewer line. To achieve this space, you will need a product from Saniflo – either one of their macerator or grey water pumps. 

As the French inventor of the macerating system, Saniflo’s products are produced to the highest standard and ensure that your new area is achievable. Their system works by literally pushing water and waste uphill to meet the sewer, making basement wet areas possible!

2. The outdoor kitchen

4 locations you might not have considered for a wet area

For those of us who love entertaining, and especially entertaining outdoors, an alfresco kitchen can be a fantastic option. By installing an alfresco kitchen, you will maximise the time you spend outside, and especially the time you spend socialising with your guests. For a practical alfresco kitchen, consider installing a sink to wash your fruit, veggies, hands and dishes. A grey water pump from Saniflo can pump up to 100m away to the nearest drainage point, depending on the exact model, meaning your alfresco can be located wherever you want it to be. 

3. The outdoor shower

If you’re lucky enough to have a swimming pool, there have probably been many times where you’ve wished for an outdoor shower, and maybe even an outdoor toilet. How handy would it be to have a quick rinse after your swim before going inside? 

Saniflo’s grey water pump, the Sanifloor allows shower installations 30m from the home, allowing the addition of an outdoor shower next to your pool. This new addition can also be a unique feature for your garden. 

4. The ensuite

4 locations you might not have considered for a wet area

Although an ensuite is a standard home feature, what you might not have considered is turning an existing walk-in-wardrobe into an ensuite. Often, renovations like this are avoided by homeowners because many homes are built on concrete slabs. With Saniflo’s pipework being just 20mm on selected products, such as the Saniaccess 3, creating a new ensuite within your home is possible, cost-effective and easier for your tradesman.
For more ideas on wet area renovations, or to speak with someone about how to make your dream bathroom or kitchen possible, get in touch.

* http://www.openagent.com.au/blog/much-bathroom-renovation-cost/

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