Finding space for your guests: what you need to achieve a granny flat


Tiny homes and the ‘Granny flat’ are a trend that is on the rise, and it is clear to see why

When people come to stay, it can be a struggle to find a place for them. Often, homeowners don’t have room in their homes to accommodate guests, which is where “out of the house” options come in. Granny flats and tiny homes are a trend that is on the rise, and it is clear to see why. As well as being a perfect solution to house guests, a granny flat can be a source of additional income, with homeowners choosing to short or long term rent out their space. Because of this, many homeowners and potential homeowners are looking to tiny homes and granny flats when planning their renovations or new home purchases.

So, what does the perfect granny flat need? For your space to be as autonomous as possible and for your guests to have their independence and privacy, you’ll need a few key areas. First things first, your granny flat or tiny home will need a bedroom. If you’re limited on space, this area can double as a living room with multipurpose furniture such as a sofa bed and a fold up table. Next, you’ll want an ensuite, complete with a toilet, basin and shower, or small bath if you have space! Standalone bathtubs are always a popular choice, as are rain showers, which can add a bit of luxury to your guest space.

Finally, for the kitchen you’ll need a small fridge, oven or microwave, sink, dishwasher and bench space. If you think you’re low on space for a laundry, you can easily add a washing machine to a cupboard, such as in the bedroom/living room. All of these plumbed facilities are possible with Saniflo. Saniflo allows you create and install bathroom, kitchen and laundry fixtures, anywhere and without major plumbing work.

As the French inventor of the macerator pump, Saniflo’s products are produced to the highest standard and ensure that your new area is achievable. Their innovative solution works by pushing waste water uphill and towards the sewerage mains, meaning your granny flat or tiny home is possible, anywhere on your property*.

Finding space for your guests: what you need to achieve a granny flat

For more ideas on wet area renovations, or to speak with someone about how to make your wet areas possible in your granny flat, tiny home, or even in your main home, get in touch.

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*Depending on the product chosen, horizontal pumping distance can be up to 100m. Have a look at the website for more information.

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