6 top property renovation tips for vendors

Just exactly how do you make a property appealing to the market?

What does it take for them to move from the selection to the decision phase of buying? For this post, I’m sharing with you some of the simple but effective property renovation tips that’ll help you lock in those dollars.

Do It Now

In Australia, it’s a common belief that properties don’t actually sell in winter. But you know what? The Internet now enables prospective buyers to shop around without even leaving the comfort of their own homes. So shopping for a house now is much like shopping for clothes online. This means that you can actually renovate all year-round. Doing so also offers you more access to tradies as during off-peak seasons, as there’s not much flurry of activities going on.

Enlist the Professionals

You can surely go DIY but know that you can always team up with the professionals to implement the renovation plan for you. Doing so brings heaps of benefits. For one, you can capitalise on their specialised knowledge in renovation. Two, you’re given peace of mind that with proper planning and supervision, the project will be completed on time. Three, you can save yourself from the stresses related to managing the renovation. And four, you’ll prevent the risk of under or over capitalising on your renovation.

Go Upward and/or Downward

When you renovate, check on the opportunities to add or create space as permitted by the floor plan. Now, note that you should only do this if it’s applicable without compromising structural integrity. You can either find underutilised spaces or create one. An example would be adding a utility room to a large bathroom. Another example would be creating a loft or a basement. The idea is that as long as the additional space further improves livability, it can help add value to your home.

Always Think about Your Market

From the simplest details to the paint colour you choose, always keep your buyer in mind when you renovate for wealth. That’s because you want to create a space that strangers would want to make their own. Think about this: buyers that actually buy your property and not your taste. You might have an impressive sense of aesthetics but at this point, it’s no longer about you; its all about your buyers.

Be Proportional

The prospect of adding a room to a property is attractive due to the perceived value it can add. However, if you manage to create five bedrooms and just one bathroom, you might have a hard time convincing prospective buyers. That’s because regardless of the capabilities of a property, you still need to make sure that the number of rooms you create is in proportion to usable space. So if you’re marketing your property for a family of seven and yet the kitchen can only barely contain 4 people, selling becomes a challenge.

Boost Your Street Appeal

First impressions matter. And when you’re selling a property, you don’t get a second chance. So build on what buyers see first: the exteriors of your property. This includes the lawn, the paint, the windows, and the entryway. Make it as striking and impressive as possible – something that compels buyers to give your property a closer look.

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