Is your laundry ready for a glow-up? – 5 easy ways from Häfele Home


Most of us have a laundry space, it might not be a separate room – it may be a corner of the bathroom or tucked away in cupboard

Why not take the time to re-fresh this space and make one of the hardest working rooms in your home a pleasure to spend time in and help make life run a little smoother.

There are lots of easy ways you can update your laundry and help you stay organised:

1. Pull-Out Hampers

First of all, think of pull-out hampers. They aren’t just super convenient but also hide away the piles of clothes behind the cabinet doors. It’s a great first step to keep your laundry tidy.

2. Creating space in your laundry

Additionally, think of space. Space to fold clothes, to hang them up to dry and to store your folded clothing until you put it away. This can be achieved with a nice benchtop, shelves on the wall or you continue your storage space with overhead cabinets. Always keep in mind a small space to dry clothes in, a space to fold your clothes, and another area to store folded clothes until you’re ready to put them away (whether that’s on the same day or in a week’s time… We know the struggle…).

3. Include a laundry sink

Don’t forget to include a special laundry sink too. Laundry sinks usually are deeper or wider than normal kitchen sinks to make sure there’s enough room to soak your clothes or bedding if needed. There are many different sink options. Check out different models, sizes and finishes to match your style!

4. Choosing the right appliances

The most important part of a laundry are probably the appliances. A frond loader will allow you to maximise the bench space on top of it, or you could even install the dryer above it. Everyone is different and has different needs. A single person won’t need the same size washing machine as a family of 6 needs. Look at your needs and get the right fit for you!

5. Sliding and folding doors

If you work together with a cabinet maker, you can even easily hide your appliances away by using sliding or folding doors. It’s a great way to keep your laundry separate, especially if you need to use space of another room for your laundry area.

Häfele can help you organise your laundry, from pull-put baskets to hidden ironing boards, sinks and appliances. Just head to Hafele Home to find all the solutions you need for your laundry glow-up.

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