How to make your two-storey home safer?


The potential to fall down stairs is a fear that many people have with two-storey homes, and rightly so.  The reality is, stairs are dangerous, especially when you’re carrying things

With high land prices in Australia, often the only option to maintain a desired amount of living space is to build a two-storey home; the downside, however, is stairs.  Now with the option of a RESiLIFT®, people can stay in their homes safely.

Depending on the layout of your home, the lift is installed in a location that is practical.  Some people install the lift in their garage, so bringing home the shopping now is safe and easier.

Instead of lugging washing baskets, suitcases and household goods up and down stairs, you can now place these things in a residential lift.  The RESiLIFT® also has a remote-control option where you can call the lift from a different floor.

A few decades ago, people considered air-conditioning in homes was a luxury and only for the rich.  We predict that over the next decade it’ll become the norm for two-storey homes to have a residential lift.


For more details about installing a residential lift in your existing or new home visit or phone 1300 303 522

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