Adding a residential lift may be cheaper than you think

Thanks to a clever ground-breaking design, you can now afford a residential lift in your home and it won’t cost a fortune

Starting from $27,000 you can install a shaftless RESiLIFT® which can be retrofitted into most existing homes as well as installed in new builds.

With increased land-prices, and the cost of buying and selling your home, RESiLIFT® is not only an affordable solution, it’s a smart choice.

This incredible design is so clever that it doesn’t cost much to install or maintain.  Unlike most other lifts on the market,  it requires only minimal  ongoing maintenance.

If you live in, or are building a two-storey home, this is a no-brainer.  It will add convenience and safety for your family and increase the value of your home as you expand potential buyers.


To find out more about RESiLIFT® visit or phone 1300 303 522

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