Adding a lift to your ‘Forever-Home’

If you are building your forever home and want to stay there for many years, one of the things to think about is accessibility.

For many people, stairs become challenging and even dangerous as we age.  Faced with this dilemma, some people feel their only option is to move to a single level home.

Installing a residential lift provides a convenient hassle-free option.  People can now stay in their homes safely, saving time, effort and money that would otherwise be wasted selling their home and moving.

The RESiLIFT®, the first Through-Floor elevator, was invented by Tasmanian engineer, Peter van Emmerik.  His design was ground breaking and it’s the most affordable lift on the market.

The lift can be retrofitted into existing homes, and the shaftless design means installation is quick and easy.

The RESiLIFT® uses less power than a toaster, and requires minimal ongoing maintenance.

“It’s such a relief! Now I know we can stay in our home! We love it!” says Margot Ling who installed a RESiLIFT® a few months ago.


To find out more about future-proofing your home with a RESiLIFT® visit or phone 1300 303 522

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