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Few things can bring life into a room as much as natural light and open space. Increasingly, we are seeing homes that offer open floor plans where one space flows into the next and kitchen and entertaining areas become one. Gone are the days of closed doors and disjointed spaces.

Brought to you by Uptons, a family-owned and -run supplier of building materials, SHIELD’s signature bi-fold doors and windows have the potential to transform a room and up its character and charm.

With little effort, windows and doors become a removable wall that creates flow and connectivity between two otherwise separate areas. Lightweight, durable and surprisingly affordable, SHIELD bifolds bring a touch of class and create a focal point that invites our interior spaces to become one with the outdoors. With outside entertaining such a big part of the Australian lifestyle, the idea of merging a kitchen with a courtyard or a pool area with a living room is made easier with this simple installation. The addition of these doors and windows also provides an aesthetic quality that creates mirrored and reflective surfaces, boosting kerbside appeal.

The range brings to the market a great variety of standard sizes and configurations, as well as a collection of custom sizes to suit individual needs and projects. Giving a fresh new feel to any home, SHIELD’s bifolds are double-glazed and filled with argon gas, enhancing thermal benefits and saving on energy bills. Even if you’re not about to launch into a home renovation, don’t stop reading — these fantastic products are available for commercial spaces, too, providing natural light and wonderful character.

SHIELDS’ doors and windows open up spaces to create a light-filled and seamless area, maximising the functionality of a home’s entertainment space. Available in matt black, silver and white gloss aluminium, this wonderful addition to any renovation project or new home is available exclusively through Uptons stores.


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