It’s what’s inside that really counts


When it comes to many of our home fixtures, our choices are based on aesthetics rather than functional considerations. But it’s often the construction and quality of these items, including windows and doors, that not only contribute most to the comfort and liveability of any home, but also ensure that your fixtures last the test of time

Rylock’s window and door products are designed and custom made in Australia, which means that they are not only manufactured for the unique requirements of your project, such as the country’s diverse landscape and climate conditions, but also designed with your preferred architectural style in mind.

Sliding doors help create an effortless transition between interiors and exteriors for entertaining and ventilation. However, all sliding and stacker doors contain far more components than a standard interior door given their exposure to elements such as wind, rain and potentially fire – ensuring they operate at their best.

Any sliding or stacker doors longer than six metres or operating as a corner door, feature what is known as a ‘joining block’. This special piece of metal sits between the connection and not only helps provide structural rigidity but also keeps your doors watertight.

Rylock’s proprietary joining block technology ensures the joint for the head and sill both achieve a greater alignment. Their unique profile, with paths and holes, ensures sealant reaches all surfaces of the joint for maximum coverage and to withstand pressure on the joint.

Rylock has always recognised the importance of designing products that consider Australia’s diverse landscape, seeking to enhance your connection with the outdoor environment; whilst designing and manufacturing products that last very many decades, as functionally intended.

Sometimes what truly counts, is what we can’t see!

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