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All in the family
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From a young age, Cliff Beadle expressed an interest in design and decided to follow his dream by starting the business, Cliff Beadle Design Interiors. Recently, the next generation joined the business, resulting in an expansion of products and services available. They have also undergone a rebranding process to celebrate the family involvement, including a name change to Beadles.

Cliff describes his design style as eclectic, classic and contemporary, drawing most of his inspiration from “the world stage”. He admires designers such as Garth Barnett, Thomas Hamel and Barbara Barry for their individualist style in design.
The company sources high-quality products from Australia and overseas to “dress up” its display homes, working closely with companies such as House of Collections. “House of Collections offers a comprehensive range of both contemporary and classic furniture that we often use in both our display houses and our residential and commercial projects,” says Cliff. These two projects were completed by Beadles using furniture from House of Collections.
Cliff spoke to us about current and future trends in the market.

What are the trends you’ve noticed here in Australia when it comes to decorating?
A move towards simpler interiors is evident, but in saying that, there is a return to opulence but in a pared-down version.

What do you think are the coming trends in furniture design?
Classic/contemporary, French style (again) and American/Hampton.

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