Tips for protecting your home against fire damage

Tips for protecting your home against fire damage


Fire-proofing your home is one of the most important things you will ever do for your family.


What are the benefits of ‘fireproofing’ my home?

Safety First: House fires claim a significant number of lives in Australia every year. But with no legislation in Australia regarding the fire safety of building products used in detached homes, there are materials on the market that may pose a potential high fire risk. Flame retardant plasterboards offer a way of protecting your home, valuables and most importantly, your family, against the dangers of fire. Fires can start undetected and spread rapidly into the roof space between rooms. Installing fire resistant plasterboard in your home will slow the spread of flames between rooms, protect irreplaceable belongings and give families more time to get out of the house Gyprock FlamechekMR™ plasterboard can also protect against moisture damage.

What general precautions can I take to protect my family and home against fire?

Ensure power points and electrical circuits aren’t overloaded. This is a common problem in older homes with wiring systems not designed for today’s appliances.

Fit smoke detectors outside bedrooms, kitchen and any area which will provide early warning of a fire, in accordance with State legislation. 

Remember to clean the lint filter if you have a clothes dryer.

Never exceed the recommended use by date for electric blankets

What parts of my home can I ‘fireproof’?
To keep power cables away from combustible materials in ceiling systems, CSR Gyprock Fire Springs can be installed.

Walls in the kitchen, especially around the stove area, can be made more resistant to fire by installing special plasterboard products such as Gyprock FlamechekTM. 

Gaps and areas around pipes, cable trays and ducts which penetrate walls, floors and ceilings can be filled with products such as Gyprock® Fire Mastic to seal against fire and smoke.

How do fire resistant products work?

Gyprock FlamechekMRTM has a gypsum core with highly effective fire retardants and moisture resistant additives. FlamechekMRTM is Australia’s only 10mm fire and moisture resistant plasterboard, designed specifically for residential homes .

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