Beauty Within

Beauty Within


renovation ideasCourage Homes has given this residence a new lease on life

Like many families today, the owners of this home chose to renovate rather than move. New to the area, they were attracted to the property because of its ocean views of Stradbroke Island, but the Tudor-style home, with its wrought-iron lacework and Corinthian columns, didn’t suit their taste. It was dark and gloomy, with pokey little spaces. “We wanted a sleeker, more contemporary look and feel to the home. We wanted to really open everything up and modernise the house,” they said.

The owners met with the Courage Homes team to discuss the renovations and were immediately impressed with their up-front approach to the process. The team discussed the home owners’ desires and budget, then set about creating and executing an innovative, contemporary design. “We offer a full design service,” Courage Homes’ Vicki Gowland says. “Our design and construction team meets with our clients to discuss ideas and talk about budget. We then work on creating a design to suit, paying the same attention to cost as we do to design — when our clients give us a budget, we stick to it. The whole process is a continuing course of designing and pricing. We don’t want our clients getting a nasty surprise halfway through the project.”

The owners are thrilled with the results. The home has been transformed into a large contemporary space with a clean, minimalist philosophy at its foundation. The entire downstairs area has been altered dramatically and the results are spectacular. The external wall to the kitchen, previously closed in totally bar a small window, has been completely opened up with bi-fold doors, which allow the outdoors in.

The vivid new kitchen, finished in stunning stark white, flows smoothly into the adjoining interior spaces as well as the outdoor area, creating one huge, seamless entertaining section. The dining room is large and luxurious, with the entire front wall finished in spectacular cedar-framed glazing and continuing the flow between indoors and out.

Upstairs, the transformation continues in the bedrooms. Two of the four upstairs rooms were combined to create the exquisite master bedroom complete with a spacious modern ensuite. As with the treatment downstairs, upstairs has been designed with a skilled hand. The rooms are striking yet subtle, contemporary yet warm. The minimalist look and feel of the space is humanised by the owners’ collection of art and artefacts, gathered from a lifetime of travelling.

During the renovation, the staircase, which was to be completely replaced, was being stripped for removal when the Courage team began to see its inner beauty and discussed with the owners about keeping it in place. “Once we stripped off the balustrade with ornate gilding, and stripped the stairs back, we realised there was a beautiful staircase underneath,” says Vicki Gowland. “We consulted the owners and decided to keep it — with a few cosmetic touches. It looks fantastic and it was a huge saving as well.”

It’s this type of practice that is so impressive about Courage Homes. Not only did the company create a dream home for the owners, they also managed to alleviate all the usual stresses and strains associated with the process. “Whether we are building a new home or renovating an existing one, we ensure our clients are kept completely up to date, every step of the way,” adds Gowland. “We focus on creating innovative designs tailored to our clients’ needs, tastes and budgets.”

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