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For most of his life, the fun and sophisticated Chris Sayers has been involved in the design, furniture, homewares and textile markets in Australia and overseas, and has moved from design to distribution.

“My family had a large-scale manufacturing business here during the ‘70s, supplying all the major chains. We also imported textiles from Belgium and I loved the design and manufacturing process,” reflects Chris. “Growing up in a business family, I think it was the taste for business that got me more and I fell in love with the business of design.” Chris started off in the design side of the industry and describes his own design style as “very masculine, simple and bold, with lots of black, metals and velvets as well as interesting textures and shapes”. This is clearly a reflection of his love for old-world glamour and creating a sense of theatre with reflective surfaces, flowing drapes and beautiful textiles. “I think I have developed a sense of style and design that stays with me always and which I express over and over,” says Chris. “These things are formed quite early on and although they evolve, they stay the same at the core. I don’t follow trends particularly, but like anyone I get affected by a certain colour or style that might be inspiring.”

Since founding Brave Designs, an agent for design brands, Chris’s design work is now for his own personal projects. A recent example is a salon chair that Chris designed, which features his own textile design made out of metallic printed on velvet. “I have been able to take out the part about pleasing others and be completely indulgent. Designing is one of the most basic, creative and satisfying processes one can experience.” With his wealth of experience, Chris naturally provides great advice on design. He believes that form, function and lifestyle must meet and that design should be stunning and usable. “Good taste is usually about the suitability of the design to its environment, which is why rattan works so well on the coast.” Now working as a design agent with his company Brave Designs, Chris distributes several leading brands including Ruby Star Traders, Equator Homewares and Bisque Interiors, among others. “I now distribute new ranges every month from all reaches of the globe and deal with some of the best designers in the state,” says Chris. “I have been involved with design all my life and although I love developing my own designs, I have found my niche in communicating other people’s collections to the market.”

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