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Certified Designers
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I’ve seen reference to Certified Kitchen Designers and Certified Bathroom Designers in your magazine. What does this mean and why should I use a CKD or CBD?

Rex Hirst from Let’s Talk Kitchens says: “A CKD or CBD has made a long-term career choice and has undertaken a formal course of study to gain an internationally recognised qualification. To even be able to do the course, a CKD/CBD trainee must have a minimum of four years experience in the industry before they can sit their final examinations. To be a good designer you must have a passion for the task and a commitment to your profession. CKD/CBDs are project managers as well — they don’t just make the sale and then leave you to the next person in the chain. They follow the project down the track to completion. A good designer is not about price. When you work with a CKD/CBD there will be no pressure to buy. A CKD/CBD should be all about excellence in design, workmanship, thoroughness, attentive service, both before and after the purchase and at a good value-for-money figure.”

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