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Citrus surprise
Citrus surprise
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Create your own citrus fruit-salad tree

Imagine if the one citrus tree in your garden was capable of growing every type of citrus fruit on that one tree, so that on one side there were lemons and oranges, and on the other, say, cumquats and mandarins. Further around there could even be grapefruit and lemonade fruit so you can squeeze some refreshing lemonade juice on a hot summer’s day. Unlike grafting, which is done during winter and early spring while both the scion (a shoot or twig with buds) and rootstock (the plant a scion is grafted onto) are dormant, budding can be done during the growing season providing the weather isn’t too hot. This technique has been handed down from generation to generation. Here we share it with you:

Tools required


 EXAMPLE: Budding an orange onto a lemon tree

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