Pool design with classic charm

In a stunning courtyard setting with a cascade of flowing water behind it, this pool is both a pleasure to sit beside and to swim in on a warm summer’s day

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This classically inspired pool, situated in a quiet suburb, was designed to be a feature of the home and to provide a place for the family to relax.

The owners wanted a pool to blend in with their home and to fit the smaller suburban block, but did not want to compromise on quality and features.

A well-designed pool area blends with the landscaping and the home to work visually as well as practically, and be enjoyable. This pool achieves that by blending function with style. The intelligence of the pool is hidden away, leaving the pool area to look inviting; the overall design is an elegant solution to owning a pool in today’s modern home.

The pool was installed by Capital Country Pools’ team of dedicated professional installers, with the pool shell itself by Compass Pools Australia. Capital Country Pools employs and trains installers to a high level of proficiency, skill and attention to detail. They believe in doing it right the first time.

Why spend all your time cleaning a pool when your pool can do it for you? The latest in in-floor pool cleaning systems was incorporated into the pool, designed to actually clean the pool and not just stir up the water. A salt-water chlorinator from Astral Pools meant the pool adds its own chlorine and, using the latest in filtration, this pool requires substantially less maintenance than a more conventional pool.

The pool has a number of environmentally friendly features including the Salt Chlorinator, which cuts the need to add chemical chlorine, the Vantage In-Floor System which, in addition to cleaning the pool, also circulates the water, making it a more even temperature and reducing the need to add additional chemicals.

Finally the unique filtration system by Astral Pools is designed to remove the need to backwash, saving water by using cartridges. The system is so efficient that under normal circumstances the filter can go up to a year without major cleaning. Even the pool shell itself is a green alternative to standard fibreglass shells, as the layer of ceramic in the core helps insulate the water.

This design illustrates that you can have a beautiful pool in a small space while still enjoying all the benefits of a larger pool. The overall effect of the pool and the visual features are harmonious and elegant, blending perfectly with the home.

Capital Country Pools designs and builds quality custom concrete pools and is also an authorised dealer for Compass Pools Australia. They specialise in building in-ground pools and spas that are designed to be low-maintenance and enjoyable, while also being environmentally conscious.

Established more than 25 years ago, Capital Country Pools builds and installs more than 50 pools each year around the ACT, NSW South Coast, Southern Tablelands and Southern Highlands of NSW.

Capital Country Pools is a member of the Master Builders Association and SPASA, recently winning a Gold and Silver Award for Best Lap Pool at the SPASA NSW Awards.

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