Classic Meets Modern

Classic Meets Modern
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Looking to create a traditionalstyle kitchen, the designer wanted this new space to be ideally suited to traditional Australian architectural styling and our relaxed way of living. For that reason, the design avoids the more ornate and formal European style of traditional kitchens and restricts ornamentation to simple details. The use of custom mouldings is perfectly suited to Australian Federation and Californian bungalow-style homes and helps to give the kitchen that warm and welcoming appeal, while still sitting easily within an open-plan, modern setting. Clever use of recessed mirrored kickboards on the island makes this unit seem as though it is a freestanding piece of furniture on legs, yet cleverly conceals plumbing and electrical connections.

Limited wall space meant the designers had to be careful with what was included and what was left out to ensure the kitchen did not become visually cluttered. Careful proportioning of cabinets allows the creation of this beautiful traditional space, with the mantelpiece as the focal point. The blackbutt timber used for the mantel has been echoed in the decorative timber pieces inset into the tumbled marble splashback. The warmth of the timber works in harmony with the richness of the marble to add to the ambience of this kitchen. Bidding a fond farewell to traditional English and European classic kitchens, this space is very much a reflection of our Australian values and lifestyle — a perfect match for the way we cook and entertain for the people we love.

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