Climatefriendly: Going Green

Climatefriendly: Going Green
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Leading the industry on environmental sustainability, Kitcheners Kitchens, the creator of innovative kitchen spaces, was recently recognised as a climatefriendly business and is the first kitchen company in Australia to do so. Impact on the environment has been a focus for the dynamic company since early last year, and it is now offsetting 100 per cent of its emissions.

Commissioning consultant group, Climate Friendly, was the first step taken by founder Michael Kitchener in assessing the Kitcheners Kitchens business and developing an Environmental Management System to implement. Embracing more environmentally sound ranges and adopting sustainable practices are key to this ongoing process. As part of the Environmental Management System now in place, Kitcheners buys 100 per cent GreenPower for all electricity consumed and invests in international-quality renewable energy credits for travel, transport and waste footprints.

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