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The team from Len Wallis Audio worked closely with Phillip Mathieson from architectural firm BKH (Burley Katon & Haliday) and Ken Wyse from Northern Building to install state-of-theart automated systems Crestron and C-Bus in a home that was high in design, form and function. “Our job was to incorporate today’s technological needs with system design and we knew we had no choice but to implement the world’s most respected automated systems; Crestron and C-Bus,” says Alberto Vangi of Len Wallis Audio.

The two automated programs provided the end user with extended control throughout the house via programmed interfaces that were clear and simple to follow. “Even those not comfortable with modern technology would find it a breeze to use,” claims Alberto. In the kitchen area there is an in-wall Crestron 15-inch colour high-resolution touchscreen. The master panel of the house is a Crestron/ C-Bus automation system with the intelligence to control the external gates, garage door, motorised blinds, airconditioning, floor heating, heated towel rails, exhaust fans, pond pumps, external patio heaters and all internal and external lighting. There is also an option to program in scheduled events which plays a big role in the energy management of the house. The C-Bus lighting can be controlled with the portable hand-held Crestron panels and by the stylish stainless-steel C-Bus Reflection key switches. These Reflection switches complement the minimalist architectural look of the home. Simply at the touch of a Reflection button you can set the entire mood of the home, whether it be a party, dining or relax mode. For example, in the main bedroom, the C-Bus Reflection switches feature a “Good Night” mode and can enable the motorised blinds.

The home owner finds the Goodnight mode extremely useful by turning off all internal house lights when they go to bed at night. The airconditioning for the home is also controlled via C-Bus. If the owner is out for the day, they can schedule the airconditioning to automate in their absence. Located outside of the house are a number of C-Bus infrascans. These units detect intruders at night and when sensing an intruder, C-Bus turns all of the external lights on. The Ness M1 security system has an interface to the C-Bus and Crestron, allowing all systems to work seamlessly together. When the home owner is leaving, he simply presses the arm button on the security keypad. This arms the security, activates C-Bus to start a shut-down procedure of the house by turning off lighting, airconditioning and heated towel rails to conserve energy while the home owner is leaving the house. The system also notifies the security monitoring company they are leaving. Upon their return, the owners simply enter their code on the security keypad and the security is disarmed, the monitoring company is notified and C-Bus starts a welcome home scene which reinstates the C-Bus lighting, airconditioning and heated towels. This home also has a totally keyless access control to all external gates and external house doors. This is also interfaced to C-Bus so the owner can enter their code on the stainless-steel keypads mounted at any of these locations, the gate or door will open and the C-Bus will start a welcome scene, turning on a pathway of lights to the house.

The home owner has the ability to easily add or delete keyless entry access codes from his house computer. The home owner can provide his children, relatives and the house cleaner with their own security codes, allowing them access to one gate or all. The Crestron system, locally and remotely, also provides the ability to open and close doors, see which security zones have been triggered and also arm/disarm the alarm. The NEC phone system in the house can also communicate to the front-gate intercom and with the touch of button on the phone handset the owner can open the gate. These phone handsets can also work within the house as an intercom system between the various rooms inside. Unlike many front-gate intercom systems, this one has a thermostatic heater to stop the camera lens fogging in cold or wet weather. The high-resolution colour camera gives the perfect picture of guests at the front gate. The keyless entry for pure convenience and the high-grade stainless steel gives the perfect finish to the entrance of this elegant home. The large Crestron touch-panel control of security, lights, blinds, climate and audio-visual is also accessible from anywhere in the world. This includes updating of software and firmware remotely. If you’re worried about the security aspect of this, there’s no need; a highly encrypted remote network connection is used. In terms of audio-visual integration, Alberto Vangi and Paul Ponticello wanted to make sure each of the areas lived up to the client’s high expectations and passion for technology.

The main media room, also known as the living room, became the primary area for family entertainment. A 65-inch Panasonic professional-series plasma screen was used. As for the audio, Focal Beryllium limited-edition speakers were chosen for their quality. Once combined with a Velodyne digital subwoofer, the result was spot on. The team at Len Wallis Audio wanted to create a state-of-the art surround-sound experience for the client. With this in mind, the design involved a Marantz pre and power combination to power the 7.1-speaker configuration so that a clean and accurate power intensity can be achieved. The system also offered a great amount of flexibility, with audio and video calibration to handle highdefinition material such as Blu Ray, Foxtel IQ, and Tivo Digital TV. To offer the availability to a huge music library, a Sonos music system and Apple TV were installed. Together this system allows media content, photos and a whole world of other media applications. Other features provided by Len Wallis Audio include a hand-held 5.7-inch colour portable touchscreen Creston controller to make life simpler and more convenient. A Thor power unit was also installed to the overall audio-visual system to protect the system from power surges. Once you move into the dining room, the kitchen and outdoor terrace open-plan living area, there is a pair of SpeakerCraft fully directional AIM ceiling speakers in each area. These are connected to the Sonos music library.

This can be controlled via an Apple iPhone / iTouch or from the Sonos touchscreen controller itself. To provide more accessibility, a Sharp 32- inch LCD TV was installed in the kitchen. On the lower level, off the children’s bedrooms, is a comfortable rumpus room which has a 50-inch Pioneer reference plasma screen. Once again, an enthusiastic surroundsound environment was created using Marantz amplification with SpeakerCraft ceiling speakers/Velodyne subwoofer. Foxtel IQ2, Tivo Digital TV and a Sony PS3 gaming console (also capable of media transfer) are also available via Crestron to add to the fun. With breathtaking water views like those from the living rooms, the master bedroom upstairs also has an integrated system connected to the Crestron control. The audiovisual design includes a 42-inch Sharp LCD on a Vogels mounting unit. This blends in well with the polished concrete-finished interior walls. The master ensuite also includes a set of SpeakerCraft moisture-resistant ceiling speakers connected to the Sonos music library.

With multiple entertaining areas, sweeping views and state-of-the-art technology, it is not hard to fall in love with this home. It offers a great open feel, brilliant architecture, modern interiors, first-class build quality and finishes, as well as cutting-edge audio-visual, making it an elegant smart home, one of a kind.

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