Fine features

Fine features


If you own a home that’s steeped in history and want your renovation to be completed with utmost respect, it’s vital you speak with specialists in the field. Silver Cornices ensures your ceiling and plaster trimmings complement your home’s period rather than compete with it.


Silver Cornices is a family-owned business that has been running since 1946. Situated in Rydalmere, NSW, it has an expansive showroom that can provide you with abundant inspiration for the embellishment of your home’s ceilings and walls. Silver Cornices is an expert manufacturer of high-quality plaster products, which means the company has flexibility in its designs. It can offer complete customisation of patterns where required and specialist knowledge of what designs are most appropriate for your home. Staff understand how important it is for you to get the details right and will go out of their way to make sure your experience is seamless.

When renovating a traditional home, it is particularly important that you select the correct design. Varying shapes, profiles and features of the ceiling rose or cornice can be visual traits of particular styles that can be overlooked by the untrained eye. Silver Cornices explains, “Some 20 different domestic building styles can easily be identified in the period 1900–1950. Each of these styles has distinguishing features.” From early Victorian simplicity through to the Edwardian period’s sweeping curves, Federation’s adaptation of Australiana and art deco’s geometry, it’s easy to see how one can become confused about what is appropriate.

With a showroom of more than 140 different styles of cornices alone, and staff with a keen understanding of the nuances of each style, Silver Cornices makes the job simple. And the more questions you ask, the simpler it becomes. Silver Cornices has the ability to restore your existing plasterwork and it can also re-create the same design from your home to be carried into other rooms. There are even sample panels for you to take home and try in your space so you can see just how perfectly the styles match. Thankfully, you don’t need to have a heritage style home to appreciate the interest that cornices or ceiling roses can provide. Silver Cornices also caters for contemporary interior design, with cleaner lines and simpler profiles that ensure they will complement the style of any residence. Made from Australian-mined plaster that is fire-retardant, each of these beautifully detailed features will add sophistication, elegance and value to your home.

Silver Cornices can assist with:
• Cornices. Choose from more than 140 different styles.
• Ceiling roses. Use them underneath pendant lights or surround them with downlights to emphasise their beauty.
• Ceiling panels. With many styles such as the popular Waratah, Lyrebird, Grapevine or more, you can create an all-over design or a simple pattern bordering the room.
• Arches. Create a beautiful feature to divide adjoining rooms.
• Beading. Create a simple border to add interest to an otherwise plain ceiling. Also use them to create chair and picture rails.

Silver Cornices
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